Lumi Finance emerges as a pivotal financial derivative within the Lumi ecosystem, aimed at aggregating sustainable wealth accumulation.

LUA stands as the core strategic token, minting LUAUSD through its floor price collateral mechanism, LUAUSD is the stable coin acting as the ecosystem's currency.

  • LUA features a dual pricing mechanism, with a issuing price(we called it market price in V1) and a floor price, where the latter only ascends based on algorithms and calculus.

  • The LUA dual market system, alongside price mitigation and TWAMM balance mechanisms, harmonizes stability with volatility, offering the market a broader spectrum of strategic options.

  • Staking LUA mints LUAUSD, concurrently yielding profits in LUAB and LUAG.

  • LUAUSD liquidity mining.

  • Protocol buy-back and burn LUA mechanic, similar to EIP-1559.

  • AMO Protocol for algorithmically keeping LUAUSD return to the peg.

  • Stablecoin(LUAUSD) has continuous high-quality use cases in the Lumi ecosystem, such as Lumiterra.

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