LUAG, The ecosytem governance token

What is the purpose of LUAG?

The main purposes of the LUAG tokens are to incentive protocol users in the ecosystem protocols

How to earn LUAG?

  1. LUAUSD liquidity provider

  2. Minting/Staking LUA

  3. Airdrop Campaign (Once Available, there'll be a tweet)

    1. Swapping LUA

    2. Trading in Lumiterra Marketplace

What is LUAG vote locking?

Lock LUAG to veLUAG to gain vote power to vote in Lumi Ecosystem DAO.

Collected fees will be used to buy 2CRV (LP token for 2Pool) and distribute them to veLUAG holders.

Every time a trade takes place on Lumi Ecosystem( Lumi Finance, Lumiterra), up to 50% of the trading fee is collected by the users who have vote locked their LUAG.

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