The Curve Pool (Liquidity Mining)

Curve holds a significant position in the DeFi ecosystem. By leveraging Curve's extensive liquidity and reward mechanisms, we aim to enhance Lumi Finance's liquidity and accelerate user and value capture.

Lumi Finance operates on the Arbitrum chain.

In LUA Virtual AMM transactions, e.g. swapping USDT for LUA, users' deposited USDT and USDC are placed into the 2pool, allowing users to earn 2CRV rewards from the Curve platform when swapping LUA.

Additionally, we have created a new stablecoin(USDT,USDC) and LUAUSD pool in Curve Pool. Users holding LUAUSD can choose to add liquidity to the Curve Pool, which not only generates regular LP returns but also offers additional LUAB rewards.

LUAUSD is required as the circulating currency for any transactions within the gaming ecosystem. The primary source of obtaining LUAUSD is by swapping regular stablecoins for LUAUSD in the Curve Pool.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to acquiring veCRV voting power for LUAUSD, enabling LUAUSD LPs to receive CRV rewards.

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