LUAG PTS is not LUAG Points

LUAG PTS Distribution

Updated: The allocation for Staking LUA and Adding LUAUSD Liquidity has now been fully minted.

  1. Mint LUA in minting protocol: 70%

  2. Staking LUA: 20%

  3. Adding LUAUSD Liquidity: 10%

LUAG PTS: an "ERC-404" token for LUAG redemption

At its core, ERC 404 operates on a mint-and-burn mechanism that facilitates the fractional ownership and transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This mechanism allows for the division of NFTs into smaller, manageable pieces, thus democratizing access to valuable digital assets and enhancing their liquidity in the market.

For instance, owning a fraction of an ERC 404 token linked to an NFT enables a form of shared ownership, and accumulating enough fractions can lead to the minting of a new, complete NFT in the holder’s wallet​​​​.

There'll be a LUA/LUAG PTS Pool in Uniswap, you can buy/sell your LUAG PTS, every time you swap for more than 10,000, you'll be minted a Gift Card for gift the final LUAG TGE amount, if selling some LUAG PTS and owning less than 10,000, a gift card NFT will be burn.

Due the trait of ERC-404, The total amount of Gift card NFT will decrease in every trading.

Total LUAG for Redemption in V2: 10,000,000 (1% of LUAG total amount)

Total Gift Card Amount: 10,000

Total PTS Emission: 100,000,000


In LUAG TGE, say there're only 6000 gift cards left, each card owner can redeem different amount of LUAG based on the card type and the amount of each card type

If there're 600 card E, then all the card E will split the 10,000,000 * 20% LUAG for each type, which each card E gets you 3,333 LUAG

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